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Windows of Understanding 2021

We are proud to announce that the LRWP is a partner organization for Windows of Understanding 2021, a public art project rooted in social justice, opening to the public on Mon, January 18.

Our wonderful 2021 Windows of Understanding artist Marcia Shiffmann has created two beautiful and unique art images that will be displayed in separate windows at the Taco House in downtown New Brunswick (located at 115 French Street, New Brunswick NJ 08901). The LRWP will feature an interview with Marcia and highlight more about her work in our February newsletter. For now, please read Marcia’s artist statements for each of these Windows Of Understanding images.

“Along the Raritan”

The  Raritan River is important for our community.  Providing equitable and safe links to the Raritan will ensure that it can be experienced by all.  It provides diverse opportunities to engage in nature and recreation with fishing, boating, walking, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities.  We must work to protect and sustain this resource for current and future generations. This piece shows illustrates some of the many ways our community currently enjoys the Raritan as a valuable open space resource.  It also support wildlife as shown by the images of the Great Egret and fishes in their riverine habitat.

“Keeping the Raritan Healthy”

The Raritan River provides many benefits to our community as a valuable open space resource.  This piece shows many of the stewardship activities of the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership.  These include an active river clean-up program, water quality testing,  many citizen scientist volunteers and supportive partners.  The “No Dumping” signs illustrate  that all water eventually drains to the river.   Clean water supports food safety to promote safe fishing. Volunteers engage in the clean-up campaigns sustaining clean land and water.   Clean water supports wildlife, as exemplified the Great Egret found along the Raritan.  We need to carefully protect this important resource.

Learn More at WindowsOfUnderstanding.org