Mission / Goals


The mission of the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership (LRWP) is to restore, enhance, and conserve, the natural resources of “New Jersey Watershed Management Area 9” (the Lower Raritan Watershed) through science-based stewardship, education and innovation.


To restore the Raritan River and Lower Raritan Watershed through science and stewardship.


The LRWP will inspire environmental appreciation and stewardship by staging and cultivating nature-centered activities, and by helping those in our communities be more effective actors in safeguarding the future of the watershed.

The LRWP will inform relevant stakeholders in the watershed area through community participation and collaboration in science-based watershed activities, and by building a trusted framework for the sharing of relevant data and knowledge about the watershed and its health.

The LRWP will innovate to improve watershed health responsibly, through collaboration with diverse partners, by disseminating research findings and by tracking the impacts of these efforts.

Strategic Areas of Focus

  1. Education and Outreach
  2. Water Quality Monitoring (Civic Science)
  3. Watershed Restoration

Core Values

-Social Equity. We believe in building an equal and inclusive movement for our water policies.

-Collaboration. We believe change happens through the connections, creativity and contributions of our entire community.

-Responsible Innovation. We believe in a cooperative approach that inspires and rewards responsible innovation.

-Humanism. We believe in upholding a humanist sensibility throughout our environmental education and outreach.

-Systems Thinking. We believe that all social-ecological systems are interconnected, and we focus on relationships and interactions when addressing environmental problems.