The LRWP’s growing community of Streamkeepers help implement water quality monitoring efforts at sites across our watershed. The primary goal of this monitoring is to gather and report data, evaluate the health of area streams, and measure the impact of stream restoration projects and stormwater management.

Our committed Streamkeepers are the eyes and ears of our waterways. They fill out forms, take photos, identify opportunities for restoration, coordinate clean-ups, share stories of their streams, and give a “voice” to our waterways. Regular monitoring of our streams would be impossible without their commitment!

LRWP Streamkeepers are required to go through a training in Visual Habitat Assessments and Macroinvertebrate Monitoring. Once trained they can “check out” monitoring supplies from our lending library for regular data gathering and field study.

While the LRWP is happy to train and support Streamkeepers for any stream in the watershed, we are especially interested in working with volunteers to assist with on-going monitoring of the 33 key headwater streams identified in the map below. Can you commit to 3 days of training, and 6 monitoring sessions a year? Please connect! We’d love to welcome you as a Streamkeeper.