Voices of the Watershed – Blog Contributors

Of the residents of the Lower Raritan Watershed there are many naturalists and individuals with a wealth of knowledge about the special ecosystem we call home. “Voices of the Watershed” is our community blog, a place for watershed residents to document (through photos and posts) stories and observations of the watershed.

Current Contributors to the LRWP Voices of the Watershed Blog:

Joe Sapia – “Pine Barrens Around Helmetta”

Joe Mish – “Nature on the Raritan, Hidden in Plain View”

Maya Fenyk – “Threatened and Endangered Species of the Watershed”

Alison M. Jones – “Images of the Lower Raritan Watershed”

Guest Bloggers:

We invite guest bloggers to submit posts for our community blog to share their love of the watershed. We are especially interested in stories and posts that:

• Capture a sense of direct engagement with the landscape (e.g. campouts, childhood adventures in the woods, learning to identify species, learning about medicinal or nutrition properties of certain plants, wayfinding using nature)

• Document species that may no longer have a significant presence in the area (e.g. recollection of bird songs, deer paths or endangered species sightings)

• Document species currently observed, and that capture anecdotes regarding these species (e.g. recipes for squirrel, venison or tea made from sassafras)

• Capture a sense of changes in human engagement with the watershed over time

Please contact us for author guidelines, protocols and publishing parameters.