Clean-ups / Restoration

2024 Clean-ups are scheduled for

March 2 – South River floodplain clean-up in Old Bridge

April 13 – John Clyde Memorial Earth Day clean-up of Seeley’s Brook in Franklin Township

May 19 – Multi-site clean-up of the Green Brook

Restoration: Our work includes planning and engineer design development. for a 165-acre Eco Park on the South River in Sayreville and South River.

“Preparing for climate change is imperative and should be at the forefront of our coastal communities across the nation. But we will not protect our coast lines with only sea walls and tide gates. This alternative is shortsighted, will have dire environmental consequences, and may result in increased damages from failure.

Coastal resilience must be looked at holistically and regionally. We must include engineering, nature-based, economic, and social solutions to successfully mitigate long term-impacts. Coastal states and communities must focus on developing the capacity for regional coastal resilience management plans that integrate businesses, communities, non-profits, academic institutions, and government (at all levels). Without proper stakeholder engagement, coordination, and participation our proposals will continue to fall short of what is needed to prepare for sea level rise.”

-LRWP Board Member, Johnny Quispe