Our resource library includes links to our Raritan Register Newsletter and to our blogs (Voices of the Watershed, Rail-Arts-River RARitan).

Coming soon! An on-line library for GIS (mapping) layers, water quality monitoring data and reports for area streams.

Resources for reporting pollution, dumping or other potential eco-violations:

There are multiple options to report current dumping and potential eco-violations observed in the Lower Raritan Watershed. Either contact the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection using their “Stop Illegal Dumping” “Scan, Snap, Submit” app; contact your County Health Department; or Contact the LRWP and include the following information:

-Location (GPS)

-Time and date of the observed potential eco-violation

-Weather (note rain, wind direction and wind speed)


-Map/sketch of the site, and try to include a directional compass

-Witness name and contact information

-Other documentation (e.g. license plates)