LRWP Interns & Volunteers

Our interns are the greatest! And we love our volunteers! Join us!

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Read Quentin Zorn’s essay about what it’s like to intern with the LRWP.

“This internship gave me a more hands on approach to things that up to this point I have only heard about. I got to be involved in river clean ups, community partnerships, and action planning for restoration. As I take my water treatment, hazardous waste and pollution classes, knowing that I live in a watershed, the lower Raritan watershed, I have gained a more personal connection to the land and a deeper understanding of the importance to improving its health and the health of all waters.”

-Sayra Reyes, Fall 2017 Rutgers Raritan Scholar intern

Current interns for 2021:

Stacey Nunda, Water Quality Monitoring & Environmental Education

And many thanks to past interns:

Emily Koai

April Callahan

TaeHo Lee

Shakir Valentine

Daniel Cohen

Allie Oross

Justin So

Quentin Zorn

Sayra Reyes

Chioma Nwankwo

Phillip Crouteau

Liz Dabundo

Brandon Pollard

Tian Ruan

Dorothy Lee

Chris Harasaki

Esther Rose-Wilen

Diandra Arthurton

Brittany Musolino

Kerrie Van Loo

Sarah Westaway

Isaiah Del Rios

Amber Mallm

Erica Stevenson

Yupo Chiu

Ziye Guo

Justin Merced