Our Work

We aim to inform, inspire, and innovate on the path to a healthier Raritan River and Lower Raritan Watershed.

Inform. We work as civic scientists monitoring the River and her tributaries and collecting and analyzing data on the health of the watershed. Ongoing monitoring activities include visual habitat assessments, macroinvertebrate assessments and pathogen sampling. Our goal is to develop a monitoring program that will allow us to regularly report on the status of our waterways to the Lower Raritan Watershed community.

Inspire. We seek to foster a culture of science and stewardship in the Lower Raritan Watershed and believe this is best done through Environmental Education and by providing lots of opportunities for service. We develop programs for formal and informal K-12 education, speak to Environmental Commissions, Green Teams and other community groups, host an annual speaker series, and coordinate clean-ups and restoration activities throughout the watershed.

Innovate. We understand that restoration of historic watershed functions in our densely settled Central New Jersey communities requires innovation and creative thinking. We see opportunities to celebrate where we have been as we make plans for a healthier future. We believe in partnering with artists to help us communicate our vision, and to provoke and push us on the path toward innovation.

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Civic Science

Green Infrastructure

Project WADES