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The LRWP says “thank you, 4-H Eco-Maniacs!”

Article by Ellie Sroczynski, Team Lead 4H Eco-Maniacs

The past two years LRWP Streamkeeper Volunteer Outreach Coordinator, Jon Dugan, trained two groups of Middlesex County 4-H Ecomaniacs. We monitored sites along the Ireland Brook in East Brunswick and Middle Brook in Bound Brook. Both sites were representative of very different habitats, both forested and developed. The 4-H Eco-Maniacs were taught how to take measurements of temperature, velocity, and ten different environmental factors including items like tree canopy cover and aquatic vegetation. The goal of our training is to empower individuals to become stewards of their local watersheds and continue to monitor these sites yearly.

4H EcoManiacs Measure stream width, Ireland Brook 2021
4H Eco-Maniacs measure stream depth, Ireland Brook 2022

The Eco-Maniacs are part of the Middlesex County 4-H Youth Development program, focusing on educating themselves and others about environmental issues, on providing service to the community, and on enjoying the outdoors and each other! Engaging in one to two events per month, for example hiking, beach clean-ups, service days at the Mary Denver Native Plant Sanctuary in Highland Park, library programs, street fairs, visual stream assessments with the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership, and many more! More information can be found on their website at https://ecomaniacs.bss.design/index.html and Instagram @eco_maniacs4h.