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Recreating Art with Trash

Our friends at RISE Rockaway did a clever thing, recreating Millet’s The Gleaners during a recent clean-up:

The LRWP has been challenged to do something similar.

Would you like to see a favorite work of art come to life? Share suggestions in the comments for found-object-artworks the LRWP should recreate during our next clean-up!

Bonus points for suggestions for art recreations (re-enactments?) that speak to a vision for a cleaner watershed, strong and resilient community, and social justice.

For example, we really love RISE Rockaway’s vision. Millet’s “The Gleaners” is symbolic of so much the LRWP holds dear: Grit & resilience. The return to nature in and through art. And bringing attention to the contrast between abundance and scarcity, Millet’s use of light and shadow does just that.