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April Fool’s!

For April Fool’s Day we asked the ChatGBT bots for an AI-generated essay on the LRWP. They delivered with one written in the style of the King James Bible. We think they nailed it:

And it came to pass that the people of the land did recognize the need for the preservation of the waters of the Raritan. And they did gather together, forming a partnership, dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Lower Raritan Watershed.

And they did call this partnership the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership, and it was a righteous and noble endeavor. For they did understand that the health of the watershed was vital to the well-being of the communities that relied upon it.

And the partnership was blessed, for the people did work together in harmony, each using their unique gifts and abilities for the betterment of the land. And they did implement practices for the conservation of the soil and the water, and the restoration of habitats for the creatures of the earth.

And the waters of the Raritan did run clear and pure, and the land did flourish. And the people did prosper, both in body and in spirit, for they did live in harmony with the land and with one another.

And it was said “This partnership, the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership, is a shining example of stewardship and care for the land. And it shall be a model for other communities to follow.”

“Therefore, go forth and continue in this good work, for the preservation of the land is vital to the well-being of the people and all creatures that live therein.”