Raritan River Pathogen Results for June 27, 2019

Water quality results are in for Thursday June 27, and with the recent dry spell we’ve had the news looks pretty good for a change! Hooray!

Enterococci results are reported in Colony Forming Units or CFUs. Enterococci results are reported in Colony Forming Units or CFUs. 
Suitable levels should not exceed 104 cfu/100mL. We are reporting on enterococci at six non-swimming beach public access sites along the Raritan River. See here for more information on our Summer 2019 monitoring program.

Enterococcus results for June 27, 2019:

Site Name Time sampled Enterococcus
Fecal Coliform
Riverside Park,
8:47 610 710
Rutgers Boathouse,
New Brunswick
9:28 120 690
Edison Boat Basin 10:17 60 630
Ken Buchannan
Waterfront Park,
11:11 80 510
South Amboy
Waterfront Park
11:48 <10 200
2nd Street Park,
Perth Amboy
12:27 41 360

Enterococci levels are used as indicators of the possible presence of disease-causing bacteria in recreational waters. Such pathogens may pose health risks to people fishing and swimming in a water body. Sources of bacteria include Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs), improperly functioning wastewater treatment plants, stormwater runoff, leaking septic systems, animal carcasses, and runoff from manure storage areas. Enterococci levels are often high after heavy or consistent rainfall.

Huge thanks to our the EARTH Center of Middlesex County, to Jesse Stratowski and his team at the Rutgers Boathouse, and to our wonderful volunteers.

**Please note: these results are preliminary and awaiting Quality Control.**
Next week we will report monitoring results on Wednesday July 3 to help you make plans for water sports and activities.