LRWP Meeting Minutes

2019 – Theme: “Innovation”

6.17.2019 LRWP mtg minutes – Special presentation by New Jersey Americorps Watershed Ambassador Von Scully on water quality monitoring findings for the Lower Raritan Watershed, WMA 9.

4.15.2019 LRWP mtg minutes – Special presentation by Raíces Cultural Center co-founder Nicole Wines on “EcoCulture as Innovation”

3.18.2019 LRWP mtg minutes – Special presentation by Sanja Martic on “(Making) Room for the River: Applying Dutch River Management to the Raritan” and Middlesex County Office of Planning “Asset Mapping for Greenway Connections”

2018 – Theme: “Environmental History”

11.19.2018 LRWP mtg minutes – Agenda planning for 2019.

9.17.2018 LRWP meeting minutes – Special presentation by Tobiah Horton, Rutgers Cooperative Extension: “Lyell’s Brook Recreated: A Green Infrastructure Corridor to the Raritan River”

5.21.2018 LRWP mtg minutes – Special presentation on forage fish by Zachary Greenberg, The Pew Charitable Trusts

LRWP April 2018 Meeting Minutes – East Coast Greenway Extension discussion

LRWP March 2018 Meeting Minutes – presentations by Rutgers Professor JeanMarie Hartman, Perth Amboy Economic Development Staff William Kurzenberger and Raritan Riverkeeper Bill Schultz

2017 – Theme: “Natural Assets Mapping”

11.20.2017 LRWP Meeting minutes -presentations by Rutgers Doctoral Students Kate Douthat and Johnny Quispe (both with Rutgers Landscape Architecture)

10.16.2017 LRWP Meeting Minutes – Baykeeper, Horton.docx – presentations by Meredith Comi (NY/NJ Baykeeper) and Toby Horton (Rutgers Cooperative Extension – Landscape Architecture)

7.17.17 – LRWP meeting minutes – presentations by Rutgers Hartman Lab (Benaroya, Young, Marx)

6.19.2017 LRWP meeting minutes – presentation by Katee Meckeler (WMA9 Watershed Ambassador)

5.15.17 LRWP mtg minutes – presentation by Susan Edmunds (on Highland Park’s Mill Brook)

4.17.17 LRWP Meeting Minutes – presentations by Klewin (NJDEP) and Bierwirth (Manville)


10.18.16 LRWP mtg minutes

9.20.2016 LRWP – Stakeholder Meeting notes


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