LRWP Interns & Volunteers

Our interns are the greatest! Current interns for 2017:


Sayra Reyes, Green Infrastructure & Community Outreach

Quentin Zorn, Green Infrastructure & Water Quality Monitoring

Liz Dabundo, Green Infrastructure, Natural Assets Mapping, Project WADES

Brandon Pollard, Community Education & Outreach, Natural Assets Mapping

Phillip Crouteau, Green Infrastructure, Natural Assets Mapping

Chioma Nwankwo, Water Quality Monitoring & Environmental Education


And many thanks to past interns:


Tian Ruan

Dorothy Lee

Chris Harasaki

Esther Rose-Wilen

Diandra Arthurton

Brittany Musolino

Kerrie Van Loo

Sarah Westaway

Isaiah Del Rios

Amber Mallm

Erica Stevenson

Yupo Chiu

Ziye Guo

Justin Merced