LRWP Interns & Volunteers

Our interns are the greatest! And we love our volunteers!

Join our blog-writing team, volunteer for an upcoming event, and read Quentin Zorn’s essay about what it’s like to intern with the LRWP.

“This internship gave me a more hands on approach to things that up to this point I have only heard about. I got to be involved in river clean ups, community partnerships, and action planning for restoration. As I take my water treatment, hazardous waste and pollution classes, knowing that I live in a watershed, the lower Raritan watershed, I have gained a more personal connection to the land and a deeper understanding of the importance to improving its health and the health of all waters.”

-Sayra Reyes, Fall 2017 Rutgers Raritan Scholar intern

Current interns for 2019:

Shakir Valentine, Data Management & Analysis

April Callahan, Data Management & Analysis

TaeHo Lee, Water Quality Monitoring & Environmental Education

And many thanks to past interns:

Daniel Cohen

Allie Oross

Justin So

Quentin Zorn

Sayra Reyes

Chioma Nwankwo

Phillip Crouteau

Liz Dabundo

Brandon Pollard

Tian Ruan

Dorothy Lee

Chris Harasaki

Esther Rose-Wilen

Diandra Arthurton

Brittany Musolino

Kerrie Van Loo

Sarah Westaway

Isaiah Del Rios

Amber Mallm

Erica Stevenson

Yupo Chiu

Ziye Guo

Justin Merced