#lookfortheriver is how we remember forgotten landscapes. We do this by observing water flows, by tracing land contours, and by re-discovering our buried streams.

#lookfortheriver is how we link our cities and towns to our rivers and streams. We do this by tracing the history of commerce, agriculture and recreation that prompted settlement on water’s edge.

#lookfortheriver is how we celebrate our waterways. We do this by bringing our communities together for play and exploration.

#lookfortheriver is a movement to foster deep understanding of how we relate to the most vital force on earth: water.

#lookfortheriver is a project of the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership and coLAB Arts.

It is a creative approach to community engagement around watershed restoration. #lookfortheriver links art, science and community celebration through projects including stormwater management, stream daylighting, impervious cover remediation and Green Infrastructure.