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CANCELLED – Tour of Bayshore Recycling

Our friends at Bayshore Recycling are still recovering from the December 16 six-alarm fire that devastated parts of their plant. While their Recycling Class A paper, plastics and metal facility was not affected, they have asked that we reschedule our tour for later in the year.

We will include notice of reschedule in our newsletter.

This is your chance to follow the recycling journey with your own eyes, observing how what’s left at the end of your driveway is sorted, prepped and packaged to get it ready for the next phase of reuse. Gary Sondermeyer, VP of Operations at Bayshore Recycling, will explain it all with this behind-the-scenes tour.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the importance of recycling, the convenience and drawbacks of single-stream recycling, and how it’s all done. You’ll also leave with some first-hand do’s and don’ts.

Field Trip! Plainfield Municipal Utility Authority & Environmental Resource Center

Join the LRWP November 18, 9:30-11 AM for a tour of the Plainfield Municipal Utility Authority (PMUA) Plainfield Environmental Resource Center (PERC).

PMUA began over 20 years ago as a local utility agency, and has now become a multi-city shared service, waste transfer and management authority. PERC is the City-owned and PMUA-operated transfer station used to facilitate the proper disposal of all solid, recyclable, electronic, bulky and vegetative wastes collected from local residents, Plainfield Department of Public Works and private businesses. Neighboring municipalities use this modern convenience center to transfer and dispose of waste as part of PMUA’s municipal shared services agreements.

Our tour guide will be PMUA Executive Director (and former Trenton Mayor) Eric E. Jackson. Mr. Jackson will provide an overview of PMUA operating structure and functions, discuss current challenges and opportunities faced by the utility authority, and highlight how PMUA is promoting and encouraging actions for cleaner, litter free cities.

This is a limited access trip. Registration Required.

Please note: we will be in an operating transfer facility. Please wear close-toed shoes and dress for the weather. Feel free to bring your own hard hat, however hard hats and safety vests will be provided.