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Donaldson Park floodplain low tide clean-up, 10.26.2019

THANK YOU to all the volunteers who joined the LRWP on a beautiful fall day to make a difference! With HUGE thanks to them and our Central Jersey Stream Team and Middlesex County Parks partners, this was a pretty amazing clean-up. Took advantage of a super low tide to scavenge the Raritan River floodplain like crazy, hauling 57 tires and two dumpsters worth of muddy trash up to the Donaldson Park basketball courts before the tide changed. Then we had to take the tires to the boat launch, wash them, and load them onto a truck for disposal.

Oct 26 Low Tide Clean Up in Donaldson Park

Some 30 tires are stuck on the river bottom near Highland Park’s Donaldson Park. The LRWP and our Central Jersey Stream Team friends have wanted to get in there all year. Saturday October 26 is our last chance for a super low tide in 2019, and if the weather holds out we should be able to wrestle these guys out of the muck.

This will be a VERY muddy clean-up, requiring muscle and perseverance. There are few small items to collect in this area it is mostly buried tires.

Registration starts at 12:30pm, we want to get out onto the mud flats quickly to take advantage of the low tide at 2:11pm. We expect to have things wrapped up by 3pm.

Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear that can get wet and (VERY) muddy.
Please park by the basketball courts, we will fan out onto the mud flats from there.
Registration requested. This is a “shine only” event, and we will not hold the clean up if the water is high because of recent rain. Please be sure to check our event page for updated information.