RIVER WALK notebook

RIVER WALK is a sketch/note book made from recycled materials by Jamie Bruno as part of Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership and coLAB Arts 2017 Artist Residency. The cardboard was sourced from vegetable boxes, the paper from old computer printouts and notebooks, and the wood from a home destroyed by flooding.

The wood connects the book to LRWP’s stewardship of the Lower Raritan Watershed as the material was originally gathered by Tobiah Horton for his project “Deconstruction to Green Infrastructure,” in which a vacant NJ home destroyed by hurricane flooding, instead of being subject to demolition, was deconstructed piece by piece to create a rain garden park and stormwater storage site.

You will receive a gift of RIVER WALK for donations of $100 to the Lower Raritan Watershed Partnership.

Thank you for supporting the work of LRWP!