Raritan Pathogens Report 9.19.2019

Raritan River Enterococci results for September 19, 2019, for six non-swimming beach public access sites. Enterococci results are reported in Colony Forming Units or CFUs. Suitable levels for enterococci should not exceed 104cfu/100mL. Please note: these results are preliminary and awaiting Quality Control.

Here is a photo of Margo grabbing samples at exactly 9:19 am on 9.19.19!

Our official last day of monitoring will be Thursday October 10, however we plan to host a special “Facebook Live” monitoring demonstration and Q&A on Thursday October 17 from 10-11am. We welcome especially teachers and students to join us for this event, registration required.

This week our monitoring team was joined by visitors from Costa Rica, who are in New Jersey to learn about water quality monitoring so as to address issues of serious agrochemical contamination of Costa Rican waters by pineapple plantations. Our Costa Rican colleagues are involved in a protracted legal battle, which has reached the Interamerican Court of Human Rights. Their hope is that they will have international assistance to force the Costa Rican government and the pineapple industry to clean up the waters. We appreciated the chance to meet with them and learn about water quality issues in their area.

Know before you swim/paddle/fish! See here to learn more about citizen science volunteer opportunities and about our monitoring program.

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